Affordable Garden Rubbish Removal Bags Brisbane

Large or small, rented or owned,  our garden rubbish removal bags are perfect for yards of every size.

Regular monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly collection.


Not sure what your needs are just yet?

Give us a call and we'll sort out a totally flexible solution for you.

                                                                                                                                                Why Garden Bags?

Affordable Garden Bag Brisbane                       

Our garden rubbish removal bags are tough, sturdy wool bales installed onto a metal frame. This means:

  • Four times the capacity of a Council green wheelie bin.
  • Super easy disposal facility that's ergonomically friendly on your back.
  • No need to break fronds and sticks into small pieces.
  • No installation  or cancellation costs.
  • You have the option to postpone collections if you haven't filled the bag which means you only pay for the bag when you need us.

                                                                                                                                                     What about Council’s Green Bins?

Rubbish Removal Brisbane                                                                                                        
  • Council’s green wheelie bins hold about a quarter of the garden waste that a garden rubbish removal bag can hold.
  • Palm fronds, branches and most prunings need to be chopped  into very small pieces by hand to fit them into a council wheelie bin.
  • The bin owner is responsible for dragging the bin out to the footpath for collection.
  • After an upfront deposit, you are committed to paying for 12 months of collections, whether or not you’re using it.
  • Unsightly, top heavy bins easily blow over in the wind.